Review of the Porter Cable Air Compressor

by Mikael Dinar

There are several examples of Porter Cable Air Compressors that can be found now. The Porter Cable Air Compressor line of merchandise is produced by Porter-Cable - a business that has been around since 1906. The Porter Cable Air Compressors are part of the Porta-Cable line of portable woodworking power tools. Porta-Cable manufactures its offerings in Jackson, Tennessee, alongside its affiliated company Delta. Porter-Cable and Delta became sister companies in the year 1960, but they provide different products.

One of their offerings is the 25 Gallon Vertical Air Compressor Portable 60 Gallon Tank 175 PSI. This item features a 175 PSI - 60 gallon equivalent tank size. Its high-flow air regulator features a starting PSI of 145, which can go as high as 175 PSI. This product has the best level of moderate-to-heavy duty and sporadic tool operation in its category. It includes an oil-free design that is both durable and simple to care for. It includes a direct-drive twin cylinder. Its 120 volt induction and excellent torque motor has reliable starting function, as well.

Another of the Porter Cable Air Compressor models you might want to look at is the 20 Gallon Air Compressor 5.1 CFM @ 90 PSI model. This Porter Cable Air Compressor offers a 175 PSI - 49 gallon equivalent tank volume. Its high-flow air regulator starts at 145 PSI and reaches its capacity at 175 PSI. This Porter Cable Air Compressor follows the strictest standards of moderate-to-heavy duty and intermittent tool operation in its class. Reliable starting can be achieved by its 120 volt induction and high torque engine. Its '4 Pole' 1725 RPM motor guarantees a longer operational life and lowers the level of noise. You gain remote air regulation plus control in the surrounding work area of the job site because of the remote 'quadraport' station. This item also includes a high-flow regulator and 4 quick connect shells.

The last Porter Cable Air Compressor product to look into is called the Oil Free Induction Side Stack Compressor. This appliance features 6.0 SCFM that allows its 4.3 gallon tank to recharge more swiftly. An extended tool run-time is achievable because of the 150 PSI Max. 120 PSI cut-in pressure delivers 30 PSI 'Bonus Air' before rendering a 90 PSI tool totally unusable. Its 1.6 running HP induction engine was designed for lengthy use. It also comes with push to connect couplers, a High-FloSM air regulator, and an oil-free pump that won't cause oil spills; the pump requires absolutely no maintenance.

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Published August 11th, 2008

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